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CONTACT US / REPORT / DMCA does its upmost to kep this website a safe place for everyone. While we maintain and monitor all activity, including keeping updates on our members, we cannot always be 100% accurate in monitoring everyones actions due to large amount of members posting content daily. Thats why we need your help to report any abuse.

If you have a Question relating to any of our services at, please email us.

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Use this email to REPORT ABUSE or for DMCA (copyright) notices etc. We will respond ASAP with these types of reports and take approriate action. Please provide the LINK of the page which you are reporting for abuse with details of it so we can review and take action.


Support may be available as soon as possible. All email enquiries may take up to 24 hours.


Our users are precious to us, and we spend big part of our life as spending hours and hours in managing, checking, uploading, writing and finally posting desired software for users, So plz be cooperative to us. Thanks

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